My Tasting Heart…

July 18, 2006

SAT CIT ANANDA…I eternally exist but after what or whom am I seeking???

Freud has opined that in this perverted world of misappropriation, it is pleasure or sex which motivates us all. But this is all external and ends in the exhaustion culminating in rejection of all we encounter in our sensual quest. But the theist begins his quest from the exhausted state and while refraining from outward endeavors, journeys within himself to an encounter of another reality.

Chaitanya Mahapraphu has indicated another path, the way of illumination. Lust is but dense ignorance, a perverted reflection of what may be surely encountered in the predominated position personified eternally in the Predominated Moiety, Srimati Rhadharani.

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O Primeira Dia!

July 17, 2006


O Primeira Dia…The First Day. This birth is given to learn what is ecstasy and to make progress in that line.

” Inside me reflecting mirrors.
Reflecting me beyond mincing Words, not beyond what I know!
Apart from my changing body, apart from my invisible spirit,
I am a stranger in the ocean of my being with no identity.”
J. Rumi
Consciousness means endowed with free will, for without free will no consciousness can be conceived…

na kartrtvam na karmani
lokasya srjati prabhuh
na karma-phala-samyogam
svabhavas tu pravartate

Bhagavad-gita (5. 14)

“The soul is responsible for his entrance into the land of exploitation.”

The responsibility is with the soul, otherwise, the Lord would be responsible for his distressed condition. But Krsna says that the soul’s innate free will is responsible for his entanglement in the material world. The soul is conscious, and consciousness means endowed with freedom. Because the soul is atomic, his free will is imperfect and vulnerable. The result of that free choice is that some are coming into the material world, and some are going to the spiritual world. So, the responsibility is with the individual soul.